Amber Stanley murder: Community meeting set to discuss case

Hundreds of people attended a community meeting Monday to discuss the unsolved murder of Amber Stanley, a 17-year-old honor student shot dead during a home invasion in Kettering last month.

As the investigation continues, the Prince George’s County Police Department gave members of the Kettering community an update on the case and addressed any questions or concerns about Stanley’s murder.

"It's been tough, really tough," said Stanley's mother, Irma Gaither, who was present for the meeting.

Stanley, who attended Flowers High School and had dreams of attending Harvard, was killed Aug. 22 when police say a gunman kicked in the door to Stanley's home on Chartsey Street, went to Stanley’s room and shot her multiple times as she lay in her bed.

Weeks later, detectives still have no clues or suspects.

"I'm just waiting to wake up from this horrible dream," Gaithers said. "...I'm just walking around waiting to wake up."

While investigators say they don't believe this was a random attack, Stanley's mother says she knows of no one in her daughter's circle who could have done something like this.

Police say they're looking into numerous possibilities.

At tonight's meeting, homicide commanders asked Stanley's neighbors for their help.

Prince George's County Police Spokeswoman Julie Parker said, "For whatever reason, they may not have come forward to this point. They may have some information they could share that could eventually break this case."

Gaithers added, "We need the community to pull together and get this person or persons who killed my baby."