Amber Stanley funeral: Kettering teen shot and killed last week

Detectives and recruits returned to the Kettering neighborhood where Stanley was murdered Friday. Photo: Brad Bell

On the day that 17-year-old Amber Stanley was remembered and laid to rest, Prince George's County detectives returned to her neighborhood to look for any clues that could lead to her killer.

Stanley's funeral, which took place Friday in Landover, comes nearly a week and a half after an unknown gunman burst into her Kettering home and shot the honor student while she sat in her bedroom.

Stanley, who attended Flowers High School and had dreams of attending Harvard, was killed Aug. 22 and shot her multiple times in her bed.

Friends and family who attended Amber's funeral called the ceremony heartwrenching.

"If you could go in, all of her classmates just break down when they walk in there," Kathy Dowd said.

Authorities Friday said they now believe the gunman left Stanley's home and walked down the street.

"It's a senseless crime that every resource the police department has has been brought to the table," Prince George's County Police Capt. Joe Hoffman said.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting and the identity of the{ }suspect{ }remain a mystery. All police know at this point is that at about 10:30 p.m. last Wednesday, a gunman kicked in the door to Stanley's home on Chartsey Street, went to Stanley’s room and opened fire on the girl as she lay in her bed. She was hit multiple times.

The mother and the victim's two sisters were in the home at the time of the shooting, but escaped safely. The case remains a mystery, but police said Friday that they don't believe the crime was entirely random.

"Statistically, in homicide cases, it's a very high probability that the person who did this had some nexus to the home somehow," Hoffman said.

Detectives and Prince George's County Police recruits canvassed the neighborhood where Stanley lived Friday morning looking for clues.

In the meantime, the normally quiet Kettering neighborhood where Stanley lived wants answers.

"We pray that the person comes forward and realizes he's done something that has devastated the family and the whole community," neighbor Marva Barnes said.