Arlington Cemetery will go through with a "land swap"

This year, the old guard is placing six to seven thousand more graveside flags this memorial day than last year.

"It's sad you know," cemetery visitor Rob Monson says, "It makes you feel privileged to have that many people that would sacrifice themselves for this country."

Space in the famous cemetery is running out, and after ten years of back and forth discourse, a historic "land swap" will be brokered by congress.

Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia says, "this has been a complicated project but we worked out a deal and in this NDAA we were able to put in the results of this compromise that's going to allow Arlington cemetery to expand but do it in a way that is fully acceptable to neighboring communities"

The Old Navy annex property and it's roughly 41 acres will likely now become cemetery property, which is predicted to ensure enough spaces through the year 2050. If the changes were not to occur, the cemetery will completely run out of space in 12 years.