Alonzo Meadows arrested for allegedly robbing Colonial Jewelers

Police arrested a Fairfax man in connection with a jewelry store heist in Frederick this week.

Police arrested Alonzo Meadows in D.C. and held him on an armed robbery warrant.

"This type of crime inevitably causes fear and shock not only to the victims, but also to the surrounding community said Frederick Police Chief Thomas Ledwell. “Despite this, both the victims and the surrounding community pulled together, and helped the FPD to quickly establish crucial leads. We are very appreciative.”

Patty Hurowitz says she is even more relieved and thankful that one of three men who walked into her family-owned jewelry store Tuesday armed with a gun and ordered everyone to ground is now behind bars.

At Meadows's home in Fairfax, family members were stunned by the news that he was in custody in connection with the armed robbery.

"I don't think he would ever do something like that, so I really think it's a big misunderstanding," said Ebony Meadows, who is the suspect's sister.

She says her brother has served time in jail for crimes far less serious than armed robbery. She says he got out last year and seemed to be turning his life around.

"That's all he talked about, not going back [to jail]," she said.

On Wednesday, crews worked diligently to clean Colonial Jewelers after the robbers used a large canister of pepper spray and blasted it before they made their escape. A total of 10 customers and staff were overcome but everyone is okay, says Hurowitz.

"They were calm (and) did what they were supposed to do,” Hurowitz says.

Frederick police say a customer passing by the store saw three men with masks enter, so he flagged down two nearby detectives. One jumped out of his car and chased after the masked robbers through the heart of downtown Frederick.

That tag number belonged to a black pick-up truck which Frederick police tracked to the 200 block of Wayne Place in southeast D.C. There they arrested Meadows, who police say was in the driver's seat.

Meanwhile, the community continues to rally around Hurowitz and her employees with flowers arriving from well-wishers throughout the day.

“That is just Frederick,” she says. “We all stand together and we all stay together.”

Two additional suspects are wanted in connection with the heist.