Alleged impersonator of NFL QB Vince Young awaits extradition to D.C.

Stephan Antwain Pittman (Photo: Prince George's County Police)

Amy Willis is still reeling from a loss of $25,000--- money she thought she was giving to NFL Quarterback Vince Young.

"I wired $25,000 into an account called Pittman Group, which he told me was a business account."

The man Willis met in a Woodbridge bar back in June was charismatic, with all the swagger of a pro athlete.

But he wasn't Young.

He's identified by authorities as 33-year old Stephan Pittman, of Fort Washington.

"What he had proposed to me, was to buy the spa I work at in Woodbridge, and have me run it. Said I guarantee this is a good investment", Willis recalls.

"You'll have your money back within two months. I promise", she says Pittman told her.

A week later, Willis wired the money to Pittman.

Shortly after, she says she began getting calls--- that Pittman was withdrawing money at different banking locations in Maryland.

One detective told her Pittman had scammed money--- about $250 from another woman--- in that case, posing as a Modeling agent.

Willis grew more suspicious, after reading on the internet, that Young has distinctive tattoos on his back. Pittman, she says, had none.

Only later, Willis says she learned that police believe Pittman had been impersonating Young, a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, for months.

But some wonder why Willis' alleged activities weren't uncovered before.

"I would be a little cautious", says Glen Burnie resident Ryan Peterson.

"Why would a football star want to ask me for money? If anything, I would expect him to give me the money.", he adds.

But even Pittman's neighbors--- outside his Temple Hills apartment, were unaware of his double-identity.

"In this day and age, you never know--- everybody out for themselves", says Raymond, who didn't want to give his last name.

Pittman, arrested Friday in Temple Hills, on a felony fraud warrant from DC Police, allegedly has been making appearances at hospitals, and scamming other victims since at least last June.

"He probably feels it's an easy way to make money. If people believe it, why not do it" Raymond says.

The notion of a money scam like this has shocked many, including Young himself, tweeting to his fans:

"...Please be aware that there is a man in the DC area that has been impersonating me. He is a career criminal."

Court records show Pittman is a Tier Three registered sex offender, involving crimes of violence.

All of this, is a frightening, and bitter lesson for Willis.

"Don't trust anyone," she advises. "Don't give anyone any money without a signed contract. Hire a lawyer--- look over it. Especially when you're dealing with money that's as large as the amount we're talking about."

Right now, Willis is looking for an attorney who will take her case. The promised job--- and the $25,000, which she borrowed from her mother, are both gone.

While Young sits on the sidelines, Pittman is sitting in a Prince George's County jail cell, awaiting extradition to the District.

Alleged Vince Young impersonator awaits extradition to D.C.

PALMER PARK, Md. (AP) - Police in Prince George's County say they've arrested a man who was impersonating NFL quarterback Vince Young.

Police say 33-year-old Stephan Antwain Pittman was arrested at a shopping center in Temple Hills on Friday on a warrant charging him with first-degree fraud.

Authorities plan to extradite him to the District of Columbia to face charges.
Police say Pittman, pretending to be Vince Young, duped a woman into giving him $25,000 for a foundation that he said benefits children. The two met on Facebook over the summer.

The investigation is continuing.

Young is a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.