Alleged counterfeit iPhone sellers arrested in Lanham

The two men are accused of passing off fake iPhone 5 devices. Photo: Brad Bell

Prince George's County Police say they have busted a phony iPhone ring.

They say a father and son were selling fake iPhones that looked pretty good from far away.

But up close and in use, they were far from the real thing.

Daniel Parker, 47, and Harold Parker, 25, were arrested in Lanham last week, police say.

When we showed the fake phone to some people around the same parking lot where police made the bust, people were fooled.

In the glare and rush of a public parking lot it would be easy to be fooled - until you take a closer look.

At first glance, it's hard to tell the real phone from the fake phone.

Looking at the backs, they are very similar, but when you turn them around the difference is obvious.

On the real iPhone, the screen is vibrant. But on the fake one, it's dull and blurry.

Sgt. Aubrey Thompson says a special enforcement squad arrested the father-son team last week after they sold a fake to a detective for $120.

"They said they previously sold seven in the parking lot and they were going like hot cakes," Thompson says.

Police say the men are not locked up, but there was no answer when ABC7 knocked on Parker's Capitol Heights door today.

Police don't know how many victims there may be.

"I cant afford an iPhone, period," Janey Reinhardt says. "I have a Droid but for 250 bucks I would have bought it. And then I would have been really angry when it didn't work

"I wouldn't pay someone $200 in a parking lot for anything,: says Vickie Moak.