Allasane Traore wins full-ride to Hanover College

One D.C. high school student received a surprise of a lifetime Wednesday. Weeks after applying and interviewing for a scholarship at Hanover College, school officials decided to deliver the good news in person in the middle of the school day.

Every year, Hanover College awards just a few full scholarships. This year, for the first time, it went to someone at Friendship Collegiate Academy.

"We're delighted to present a full-tuition scholarship valued at over $130,000 to Allasane Traore," school officials announced to the class.

Traore applied for the Benjamin Templeton Scholarship at Hanover College and stood out among the pool of 180 students.

Hanover College's Monica Green explained, "There were so many members of my staff who walked up to me after the fact and are like this guy is amazing, this kid's great."

They were also won over by his achievements in the classroom.

"He's a hard-worker, he puts forth all the effort in the world, never misses assignments, he's here consistently, thinks of others and is a good influence on his brother, who's in the classroom as well," Eric Blood, a teacher at Friendship Collegiate Academy teacher said.

Traore added, "I've pretty much become a father figure in my family, so I try to support them while continuing with my school..."

With the absence of his own father, Traore took on the extra role for his three brothers and sisters. But his personal challenges never outweighed his future plans.

"I want to get into computer science, and Hanover can help me achieve that," Traore said. "Hopefully, [I can] start my own scholarship fund."

But before his next milestone, the soon-to-be first generation college student had to tell his mom the good news.

"I got the scholarship. They're over here, they're over here!," he exclaimed.

Hanover College also presented a sizable scholarship to a student at Thurgood Marshall Academy. So it appears two local students will be packing up for Indiana this fall.