All Souls Tavern applying to serve alcohol across from school playground

Cleveland Elementary School (Photo Kris Van Cleave)

There’s a brewing battle at 7th and T street NW pitting parents and neighbors concerned about these kids playing in the Cleveland Elementary school yard against the proposed All Souls Tavern hoping to open right across the street.

A group has launched a social media campaign hoping to convince the District's liquor board to block the tavern's alcohol license.

But, a loophole in D.C. law makes it legal for a tavern to operate at the location and the business has agreed to not sell liquor until after 5 p.m. and have security on hand, which has won the support of the community civic association.

“We certainly have heard their concern,” says Andrew Kline, a representative of the tavern. “In an effort to be responsive to the concerns that have been raised, the applicant is amending its application so its hours of service do not being until 5 p.m.”

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Still, longtime resident Bertha Dudley worries.

Her niece was killed by a drunk driver and her grandson was hit by another intoxicated motorist near the school.

“If those kids ever wander out, and a drunk driver been here, got drunk, gets into his car, one of those kids are gonna get hit,” she says. “That's my biggest concern.”

All Souls Application - 3 2012

But the tavern believes the business will be an improvement.

“Given the history of that corner and what’s gone on on that corner for many years, the presence of this business will be a drastic improvement,” Kline states.