Alison Starling's baby: Week 24

We have reached 24 weeks, and our little girl should weigh just over a pound... Growing steadily (as am I) every week. Our produce check puts her about the length of an ear of corn!

Doctors say now she'll really start to fill out and plump up, with lungs and taste buds developing, too. Her skin is still thin and translucent, but not for long.

I love this picture with my friends and fellow local news anchors Angie Goff, Laura Evans and Anita Brikman at the Leukemia Ball. Angie is due the beginning of June with her second baby, so we shared lots of pregnancy stories that night. Laura has three little ones (in fact, she had to cover up a black eye for the black tie event because her little boy did a somersault into her face while she was turned the other way!) Anita has three older children. So it was a fun evening for us to talk about the different phases of motherhood and balancing our jobs in journalism with our family lives. They all gave me great advice, so many thanks!

Speaking of great advice, so many viewers continued to give us helpful feedback about everything from daycare to eating right to finding a way to enjoy the little moments of impeding Motherhood.

And... Fatherhood. Several times I've hurriedly said "Peter touch my stomach, you'll feel the baby kick!" But he always missed it... Or I would say "did you feel that?!" and he would nod, but I could tell he really didn't! Until last night. The baby gave us a BIG kick and I could tell from Peter's reaction this one he really felt, and it really got him. It's something we'll both remember for a long, long time.

The next few weeks will be wonderful, we're travelling to see family in Florida and California while I can still fly. This is the first grandchild on both sides, so the baby showers and celebrations will be in full swing, and we can't wait.

Please keep your emails and Facebook postings coming, I really love hearing everyone's stories.