Alexis Simpson: Bowie State murder trial begins with jury selection

Alexis Simpson, the student accused of killing her roommate.

Jury selection began Thursday in the trial of a Bowie State University student accused of killing her roommate.

Alexis Simpson is charged with first-degree murder in the September 2011 death of Dominique Frazier.

Prosecutors say Simpson killed Frazier over loud music being played on an iPod.

It was Homecoming week and in the second floor dorm suite they shared, Frazier and her roommates were getting ready for a night out. Music blared and Frazier and Simpson began to argue.

Simpson was new to Bowie. She had not been getting along with Frazier. On that night their feud went violent.

It's alleged that Simpson plunged a pair of scissors into Frazier's neck. Her trial begins in Upper Marlboro Tuesday after Thursday's jury selection.

Students on the Bowie State campus remember that September night all too well.

"It was sad," says Erica Atkins. "It was scary."

"It basically stopped everything on campus," says Anthony Kiser.

The images of Dominique Frazier being rushed from her dorm into an ambulance are ingrained in the memories of her friends. They say she was well-liked.

"Every time somebody talks about her they can't help but smile about how she uplifted everybody around her," says Kiser.

Frazier's mother has called it a case of murder.

"She attacked my daughter and stabbed her with scissors," says Denise Frazier. "That's what I was told."

Prosecutors will argue that Simpson was the aggressor and could have stayed in her room but instead charged Frazier. Defense attorneys will claim Simpson, who was released from jail last April, was bullied by Frazier and the others. They've called it a case of self defense. They jury will be asked to decide if that's so.

On campus Thursday there seems to be little sympathy.

"You just don't do something like that and not suffer a consequence for it," says Kiser.

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