Bowie State murder trial: Alexis Simpson not guilty of roommate's death

Defendant Alexis Simpson testified Thursday in her murder trial. (Photo: Brad Bell)

911 tapes were released Friday, one day after Alexis Simpson was acquitted of murder. She was on trial for the slaying of Dominique Frazier, her roommate at Bowie State University.{ }
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The{ }sound of hysterical students is heard{ }in the background. A woman is heard screaming "She's dying! She's dying!"

The jury returned a not guilty verdict Thursday{ }on all seven charges against{ }Simpson.

Simpson sobbed on the stand earlier Thursday, telling the jury she was trying to defend herself during a fight with Frazier last year.

“I had to defend myself. I was scared,” she said on the stand.

She said she had been bullied by the much larger Frazier and knew that Frazier owned a knife.

On the night of the slaying, Simpson said she had fought with Frazier over music. At one point, one of Frazier’s friends grabbed her and dragged her into a room, where Simpson and Frazier continued to fight.

Simpson said she had her pocket knife with her and swung it wildly. Then Frazier stopped fighting. Simpson said she tried to stop the flow of blood coming from Frazier’s neck.

On Wednesday, Keaira Johnson{ }testified. She{ }witnessed the dorm room fight that resulted in Dominique Frazier's death. In court, she told the jury her version of what happened Sept. 15, 2011 - the day Alexis Simpson fatally stabbed Frazier.

Johnson said Frazier didn't like her roommate. She described a brutal, hair pulling, punch-ladened fight between the two that began as an argument over loud music.

While Johnson portrays Simpson as the aggressor, she also admitted Frazier had a knife in her room. Johnson added she was afraid Frazier might stab Simpson, a fact she kept hidden from authorities until this week.

"Dominique hit her when the girl had the knife in her hand. I think it just happened. I don't think the girl meant to cut her," Johnson said under cross examination about the moment Simpson cut Frazier.

Several months ago, Johnson and her mother, Latonya Johnson, approached ABC7 about a billing dispute with the university after Johnson left school following Frazier's death.

"She was in the room...she saw everything," said Latonya.

Attorneys for Simpson maintain she acted in self-defense. Three other students present during the attack testified.