WSSC: 365 water main breaks this month due to frigid temps

ALEXANDRIA (WJLA) - The water main break on S. Pickett and Duke Street proved to be a tough one – because of underground utilities, crews had to dig by hand.

Up the street, it was a busy day for the workers at American Water, the company that services Alexandria. On Duke and North Jordan, a break left residents without water.

This morning, Courtney Osborne woke up and wanted to wash her face – but nothing came out of the faucet.

"Now I have to go to another city over and then come back this way and have to call out of work," she said.

Bottled water is what Jamie Dugan had to use to brush her teeth: "It's an inconvenience. I didn't go into work today and I'm paid hourly, so it's an inconvenience for sure."

Up in Montgomery County, overnight a 16-inch main burst in Rockville, causing Southbound lanes of Rockville Pike to close. It’s a pain for drivers, but also for the businesses near White Flint Mall – like the drycleaners which relies heavily on water.

It doesn’t help that some of these pipes are four, five decades old. A spokesperson for the WSSC, which serves a good chunk of Montgomery and P.G. Counties, says it has seen 365 breaks just this month.

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