Alexandria revitalization threatens renters

An ongoing effort to revitalize an Alexandria neighborhood has those who live there upset. It's likely to force hundreds of them out of their homes.

Leyla Estrada can’t afford living in the Beauregard neighborhood{ }anymore. If she renews her lease, she’ll have to pay $300 more each month. She says she doesn’t think Alexandria is on her side.

Hundreds of other families are in the same situation because their neighborhoods, six properties with about 2,500 units, are scheduled to be demolished over time.

The city and the developer have already hashed out a deal where more than 6,000 new units will be built. Of those, 800 units will be affordable housing.

Hector Pineda, the president of the Tenant’s Association, says his group is not against the plan. He just wants the city to work harder on getting more affordable units and stabilizing rent.

Mayor William Euille says he understands their concerns, but overall it’s a project that certainly has a lot of benefits for the city. But people like Estrada are focused on the now, worried about where she will take her family. She is not convinced the city has her interest at heart.

Final approval of the projects takes place at City Hall on April 13. That same morning, residents are planning a rally.