Alexandria red light cameras to be activated July 1

The intersection of S. Walker Street and Duke Street in Alexandria will have speed cameras starting Friday (Photo: Gail Huff/ABC7)

Alexandria's three red light cameras will make their debut on Friday at three intersections throughout the city.

Photo enforcement cameras in Alexandria will captures images and video of red light runners. A one-month warning period will run starting July 1 and fines will begin to be levied after July 30.

"This grace period will give motorists an opportunity to become familiar with the Photo Safety Program," Alexandria Police Chief Earl L. Cook said. "Our goal is to deter red-light runners and prevent accidents resulting from these violations."

The first three cameras will be installed at:

-South Patrick Street and Franklin Street

-South Patrick Street and Gibbon Street

-Duke Street and South Walker Street

Warning signs will be installed near the intersections where cameras will exist.

Two speed cameras in Fairfax City will be activated on Friday as well.