Alexandria election results 2012

      President of the United States100% precincts reporting

      Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan R 28% Barack Obama/Joe Biden D 71% Virgil Goode/Jim Clymer C 0% Gary Johnson/James Gray L 1% Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala G 0%

      United States Senator100% precincts reporting

      George F. Allen R 27% Tim M. Kaine D 73%

      United States Representative: 8th District100% precincts reporting

      J. Patrick Murray R 28% Jim Moran D 67% Janet Murphy G 2% Jason Howell I 3%

      Constitutional Amendment Question 1Requirement that eminent domain only be exercised where property taken or damaged is for public use.100% precincts reporting

      Yes 57% No 43%

      Constitutional Amendment Question 2Delay by no more of one week the fixed starting date for the General Assembly veto session100% precincts reporting

      Yes 86% No 14%

      Mayor100% precincts reporting

      William D. Euille 60% Andrew H. Macdonald 40%

      Alexandria City Council (Vote for 6)100% precincts reporting

      Frank H. Fannon IV 8% Alicia R. Hughes 8% John R. Wood 8% John Taylor Chapman 11% Timothy B. Lovain 11% Redella S. Pepper 12% Allison Silberberg 12% Paul C. Smedberg 10% Justin M. Wilson 11% Robert S. Kraus 3% Glenda B. Davis 4% Jermaine A. Mincey 2%

      School Board: District A (Vote for 3)100% precincts reporting

      William E. Campbell 18% Karen A. Graf


      Stephanie Amann Kapsis 25% Helen F. Morris 17% Joyce D. Rawlings 11% Heath E. Wells 8%

      School Board: District B (Vote for 3)10% precincts reporting

      Kelly Carmichael Booz 26% Michael A. Brookbank 17% Chyrell D. Bucksell 15% Justin P. Keating 21% Marc Williams 20%

      School Board: District C (Vote for 3)100% precincts reporting

      Ronnie M. Campbell 33% Patricia A. Hennig 34% Christopher J. Lewis 31%