Alexandria considers allowing food trucks

At just a few minutes before noon, Rodney Goh's food truck is swarmed.

It makes the hour long commute and battle for parking worth it.

“I live in Alexandria, the kitchen is in Alexandria,” Goh says.

And if he had the chance, he’d work there too.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille says city officials are thinking about lifting the ban on food trucks in Alexandria, which doesn't allow any mobile restaurants except during special events.

“It’s in consideration,” the mayor says. “We know how popular they are, especially in downtown D.C.”

Officials say nothing is concrete yet but hope to have a proposal by June.

Euille says food trucks would probably not be allowed in Old Town, where parking is tough and competition is tougher. That's a relief to Michelle Poteaux, owner of Bastille.

She says her biggest fear is that food trucks will occupy the space right in front of her patio.

“I don't want to have my patio disrupted or my diners disrupted from the quick grab and go,” she says.

She says more competition would ultimately enhance Alexandria.

Back in the district, Goh agrees.

“It just makes everybody better,” Goh says.