Alexandria cameras catch thousands of red light runners

Red light runners are racking up quite a bill in Alexandria. The city's three red light cameras are keeping an eye on traffic at all times.

So far this year, thousands of tickets have been handed out to drivers who run the light.

And while they may be a pain for drivers, the cameras haven't stopped many from speeding through the lights.{ }

Last summer, traffic cameras were installed in the intersections of Duke and Walker streets, Gibbon and South Patrick streets and Franklin and South Patrick streets.

Police say they are alarmed by the number of people who continue to run the lights despite the cameras' presence.

Alexandria resident Mo Kay says, "Yeah you're thinking you're probably gonna make it, and it's not gonna go off, you know, but it doesn't work out sometimes it's faster than you think it is."

In the last four months, the city's cameras have issued more than 3,200 red light tickets. The statistic is on par with the first few months of the program.

Jody Donaldson, with the Alexandria Police Department, says, "We're consistently seeing these numbers that makes us think that either people aren't paying attention to speed or the lights themselves, and it is a concern."

The intersection that concerns them the most is at South Patrick Street near the entrance to the beltway. The traffic camera in this location has issued nearly 2,000 tickets from January through April.

At $50 a piece, the fines are fairly low in Alexandria compared to other communities in the area. But the fine is enough to make some drivers slow down.

"It was a pretty good chunk, and I was upset about that," District resident Tony Nel says.

But with dozens of people continuing to run the lights on a daily basis, the city is looking at what other options it has to get people to stop running lights.