Alexandria adds red light cameras

Drivers who run red lights in three Alexandria intersections could get caught by a red light camera.

After a 30-day warning period to inform motorists of the cameras, starting Monday citations will be issued for infractions.

Officers not only have three still photos of vehicle in an intersection but a 12-15 second video clip. This video allows officers to see the "full picture" of the red-light running.

“It’s a lot more fair process in my eyes, and it gives you the whole story of what's happening, whether the vehicle moving out of the way of an emergency vehicle or out of the way of a funeral procession or it's just trying to avoid an accident, itself,” said Lt. Len Fouch of the Alexandria Police Department.

Virginia state law requires a police officer to review all images of alleged red-light runners before tickets are sent to registered owner of vehicle. The cost of the citation is $50.

The video allows officers to see circumstances that could be a funeral procession, or an emergency vehicle behind the vehicle that causes it to be in the intersection when the light turns red.

“I think it is good that they have police that, special operations, to look at this situation,” said motorist Tony Shaw.

Six years ago, the general assembly pulled the plug on the operation of red-light cameras, but has since reinstated the policy with new scrutiny and better technology.

Terry Malloy was involved in a serious accident at an Alexandria intersection. She hopes cameras cut down on the danger here. “I think it's a good idea, I really do,” she said. “If it's going to stop them from running lights then, because people could die.”

The cameras are installed at the following intersections:

-South Patrick Street and Franklin Street
-South Patrick Street and Gibbon Street
-Duke Street and South Walker Street

Warning signs have been installed to alert drivers at each intersection.