Alex Rodriguez' Langley Park-managed apartments in bad shape, residents say

LANGLEY PARK, Md. (WJLA) -- Lydia Rivas has lived here at the Bedford Station apartment complex in Langley Park for five years. And according to her, conditions have gone from bad to worse.

"As time went on, we realized the management company would not pay attention to our needs," she said.

But Rivas isn’t the only tenant with problems. Neighboring complexes that are sister apartments to Bedford Station -- Victoria Station and Newbury Square -- also have plenty of dissatisfied residents.

Families are living with infestations of mold, bedbugs, and cockroaches all over the apartment, while the biggest issue is periodic blackouts during which tenants aren't able to turn on their air conditioning.

Casa de Maryland represents thousands of tenants that live in the apartments. The three complexes spent three years in foreclosure and several months ago, was turned over to Newport Property Ventures in Coral Gables, Florida -- a management company actually owned by New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. We received no comment from Newport or representatives of Rodriguez.

Tenants we spoke with had no idea that Rodriguez owned the management company, but they say complaints to managers have so far fallen on deaf ears despite the 'deplorable' living conditions.

According to county records, a staggering 1,800 housing code violations have been filed against Newport Property. The county says Newport has recently begun addressing the majority of the violations.

In the meantime, Rivas worries about herself and her two children while she waits and hopes changes will come soon.

County inspectors will be returning to the area early next week to take a closer look at each apartment, and those inspections will continue until all of the problems have been fixed.

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