Alcohol delivery services expand in Washington

The smartphone app Drizly. (NewsChannel 8)

WASHINGTON (NewsChannel 8) – Gone are the days when you had to browse the aisles of your local liquor store. Now, there's an even an app for that.

Drizly is the latest alcohol delivery mobile app to launch in Washington, D.C. The company partners with small stores to get customers wine, beer and liquor, with the click of a button. You can only receive a delivery when the store is open and there is a $5 delivery charge.

Sherry's Wine and Spirits in Woodley Park is one store that does the deliveries.

"We realized, wait a second, we can immediately reach people by using Drizly, and we can reach them in under 40 minutes," said Ryan Wegman, director of wine and outreach at Sherry's Wine and Spirits.

"We give stores technology to help them complete deliveries more efficiently, faster and more responsibly," said Drizly Co-Founder Justin Robinson.

Drivers have ID scanners to make sure the purchaser is old enough to buy alcohol.

"For the people in this area that don't want to leave their homes, and especially if you’re watching the game, it's a no-brainer, it's a winner," said Leon Wran, a customer.

Drizly joins the market with services like Ultra and Klink, which also give door-to-door service. Neither seems scared by the competition.

"We are strategically partnered with the highest-rated stores throughout the District to offer the best alcohol and delivery prices, selection, and delivery times possible. And we are committed to offering the most seamless user experience to our customers," said Klink CEO Jeff Nadel.

"We don't change our strategy because a competitor is launching in the same cities, it makes no difference to us. DC is a big enough market and we wish Drizly luck for their launch," said Ultra CEO Aniket Shah.

D.C. regulators shut Ultra's service down this summer temporarily for not meeting its guidelines. The service appears to be back up and running now.

Meanwhile, Robinson says there is enough demand, despite competition.

"From start to finish, our product is the best that you’d find out there," he said.

The app has also meant hiring an extra driver at Sherry's Wines and Spirits. For now, deliveries are only happening in some parts of the District.