Albrecht Muth trial in the jurors' hands

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - From a room in United Medical Center, a bed-ridden Albrecht Muth has watched the proceedings in courtroom 313 through videoconferencing. Now his murder trial has gone to the jury.

In closing arguments Wednesday, prosecutor Laura Bach described the victim, 91-year-old Viola Drath, as an accomplished woman and her 49-year-old husband and accused killer as a fraud who pretended to be an Iraqi general.

Muth allegedly choked his elderly wife into unconsciousness and beat her so badly in 2011 he broke 10 of her ribs and then tried to make it seem like an accident.

Bach argued Muth was tired of Drath and wanted to be with Auran Awan, a boyfriend he had just met on Craigslist, who had walked him home hours before Drath was killed.

But Muth’s attorney said Muth was looking for sex and was not about to kill his wife over Awan.

Public defender Dana Page said the prosecution’s case is built on wild suppositions. She called Muth and Drath two peas in a pod with an odd marriage, but that doesn’t mean Muth killed her.

Drath’s family members, including her two daughters, have attended the trial daily. They made clear they didn’t like Muth long before he was accused in the case.

The jury will continue deliberations Thursday morning.