Albrecht Muth trial continues with screening of police interview

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Jurors heard portions of a recorded interview Tuesday with the man suspected of killing his elderly socialite wife in Georgetown in 2011 in which he said he didn't think anyone had a motive to harm her.

The trial of Albrecht Muth continued its second week Tuesday, during which jurors heard both the interview and testimony from an Metropolitan Police detective who took Muth back to his Georgetown home.

During the recorded interview, Muth insisted that he did not kill Viola Drath in August of 2011 and said that no one else could have had access to the house.

Over the past two years, though, Muth repeatedly has insisted that Iranian agents were behind the murder of Drath, 91, who was found dead inside her Georgetown townhome.

MPD detective Gus Giannakoulias testified that after interviewing Muth, officers took him back to his home before obtaining his house keys and a search warrant. He was arrested several days later.

Muth has not appeared at his own trial while prosecutors laid out their case because he is too ill to be there in person. A hunger strike that he has staged has led to him dropping to just 90 pounds. Instead, he has appeared at his trial via teleconference.

It remains to be seen whether or not Muth will testify from the hospital in his own defense. A pair of public defenders are representing him in person and are cross examining witnesses.

On Monday, jurors were privy to photos from the crime scene, where prosecutors allege Muth killed Drath in one portion of the home before moving her to a third floor bathroom.