Albrecht Muth sentenced to 50 years in prison for murdering 91-year-old wife

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) - On Wednesday, Albrecht Muth looked on through video conferencing from a United Medical Center hospital bed as Judge Russell Canan said he "tortured" to death his elderly wife, Viola Drath, who was 91 - 44 years his senior.

The grisly crime took place at their Georgetown home in August of 2011, just hours after Muth's Craigslist pickup Aron Awan had walked him home.

Drath was found choked and beaten. Police arrested Muth, though he swore to police he was not there at the home at the time his wife was killed.

Wednesday, Judge Canan sentenced the 50-year-old Muth to 50 years in prison, saying the evidence was "overwhelming."

Muth has still not accepted responsibility, nor has he shown any remorse.

Though prosecutor Glen Kirschner had asked for life without the possibility of release, Kirschner said he was satisfied, as he walked out of the courtroom Wednesday.

"It will put an end to his career as a con man, a fraud, and most of all will give the Drath family some peace of mind," Kirschner told ABC7.

Muth was known for parading around Georgetown pretending to be an Iraqi general. After his arrest, he starved himself down to around 100 pounds, trying to avoid a trial - but it took the jury only three hours to convict him.

Viola Drath's family members said they were relieved, after the judge's ruling was handed down.

Muth is now up to 130 pounds. In court on Wednesday, his attorney read a statement from him complaining he wanted to attend the hearing in person, saying he was in "good health." His doctors disagreed.

Judge Canan said Muth pretended to be an Iraqi general and religious zealot, yet he was just a "common serial domestic abuser, made worse when he drank."

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