Albrecht Muth, man charged in Viola Drath's death, due in court

Muth is accused of killing his wife, Viola Drath. (Photo: WJLA)

(AP/ABC7) - Albrecht Muth, the German-born man charged with killing his much-older socialite wife inside their Georgetown home, did not appear in court as scheduled today while he continues a weeks-long fast.

Muth is on day 53 of a hunger strike, which he initiated after a November court appearance. He's currently in the hospital.

A status conference had been scheduled for Friday in D.C. Superior Court, but officials say the case will be revisited on Feb. 9, ABC7's Sam Ford reports. During that hearing, officials will reportedly discuss Muth's sanity.

Muth is charged in the fatal beating and strangulation of 91-year-old Viola Drath, a German-born socialite and journalist, at their home.

He has denied guilt and initially claimed his wife died of a head injury from a fall.

Muth also claims to be a general in the Iraqi army, but prosecutors say he is fabricating his military experience.

He claimed in November that his wife's death was a "hit" ordered by Iranian agents.