Albert Payton killing witnessed by woman, Payton's mother

Though they’ve asked that their identity not be revealed, a witness says that on Friday, she saw police shoot and kill a 24 year-old man.

The witness says she was sitting in her car on Fourth Street in southeast, D.C. in front of the apartment building where the man was shot and killed. While witnessing the shooting, the witness was in the car with her co-worker—who is also the mother of the man shot and killed.

The witness says Albert Payton and his girlfriend had been out on the front stoop of the apartment building arguing over a cell phone. The girlfriend had called police and Payton's mother wanted to wait until officers arrived before the two women headed to the gym. She says Payton went back inside his apartment while the girlfriend was across the street. Minutes later, Payton came back out the front door and onto the sidewalk in front of the apartment. By that time, officers were on the other side of Fourth Street.

On Friday, police said Payton was holding a kitchen knife.

"They asked him to put down his knife...several times...he failed to comply and went towards the officers," said Diane Groomes, of D.C. Police.

The witness says she couldn't see a knife, but does believe she heard officers tell him to quote "stop and drop." Then she says within seconds, shots were flying.

D.C. Police say two officers fired—evidence markers indicate there may have been as many as three dozen shell casings on the street.