Alan Jackson Mineral concert raises money for Louisa County schools

(Photo: ABC7)

It has been more than 9 months since last August's 5.8 earthquake rocked Mineral, Va., and while the community continues to recover, they got a little star power to help the region.

About 3,000 people turned out Sunday night to watch country superstar Alan Jackson put on a concert to help raise money for the town that was hit so hard by the tremor.

Everyone from the regular joes to the county sheriff says the concert was the biggest thing that's ever happened to Mineral, including the quake. While most of the region has moved on and repaired the damage, many kids in Mineral are still forced to go to school in trailers.

"In writing, we'll all write about the earthquake, so it's been hart," Thomas Jefferson Elementary School student Ashlyn Ward said.

Meanwhile, the senior class at Louisa County High school memorialized the earthquake on t-shirts.

Jackson's appearance in Mineral was a psychological and financial success, raising not only the spirits of the town, but $152,000 to help Louisa County rebuild its schools.

"After the earthquake, and suffering so much damage and heartache, a lot of people started voting for this city even if they weren't from this city," Jackson said.

The singer chose Mineral as the site of his free show after organizers and supporters cast votes online to put the show in the Virginia town that has a population of just 467.

"(It) wound up with 30,000 votes, and here we are today," Jackson said.