Aisha Hackley sentenced to 18 months

A former MPD sergeant accused of stealing money from an 85-year-old woman was sentenced Friday to 18 months in prison and three years probation.

Aisha Hackley, 36, earlier pleaded guilty in D.C. Superior Court to one count of first degree theft from a senior citizen. Hackley is also known as Aisha Jackson.

Hackley's family was upset with the judge, saying her 18 month sentence was too harsh.

But the judge said she got off easy considering what she did.

Hackley admitted forging the signature of an elderly woman she met during a fraud investigation and then depositing 10 checks totaling more than $43,000.

"Aisha did her restitution," an aunt says. "She admitted her guilt and she gave her apology. Now let her go on with her life and raise her children like she has always been raising those five kids."

“This is a great example of our police officers policing themselves,” said MPD Chief Cathy Lanier. “A MPD officer’s tip led to the joint investigation with Bank of America and our internal affairs office, resulting in the arrest and conviction of this former MPD Sergeant. Integrity is a quality that officers must live by, and when that is compromised, even officers of the law are not immune to the laws they are entrusted to enforce.”

As part of her plea, Hackley must resign from the police department and pay back the victim. She repaid the the victim through her pension.

“This sentence is just punishment for Sergeant Hackley’s exploitation of one of the citizens she had sworn to protect,” said U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen. “We will continue to pursue justice and full restitution for our senior citizens, who are far too often robbed of their life savings through fraud, deceit, and trickery.”

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