Airport delays at DCA, BWI and IAD

(WJLA) - Shelibee Cruz has spent the last 15 hours at Reagan National Airport, hoping to get on a plane to Boston. Her flight has been delayed twice as New England continues to battle a fierce winter storm.

"I have like the worst migraine of my life. I've been here for pretty much two day. I just finally got my suitcase back," she says.

Another air traveler has also been stranded since yesterday morning, and he and his cousin are trying to get to Saint Louis. They thought they’d get out today, but got the bad news when they came back to the airport:

"In the morning today, it was scheduled, but when I got here a half hour later they told me it was cancelled and the online status not updated," says Satakarni Tummalapalli.

By midday on Friday, approximately 2,300 flights were cancelled nationwide, and the majority of those were in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and here in Washington, D.C.

So many passengers were stuck at LaGuardia airport in New York that some actually spent the night on cots.

Traveler Zachary Kidd is having a hard time getting from D.C. to New York City; Amtrak is his plan B:

"I was supposed to fly out today at 8 a.m., and that flight was cancelled last night. I was rebooked for 12 o'clock this afternoon, and that was cancelled at 10:45 in the morning."

Marilyn Myers’ train from Philadelphia to D.C. saw significant delays Friday morning.

“They didn't tell us much of anything for a while, and then they said the doors were frozen so I think they may have been out there with torches or something like that," she says.