Airline passenger group wants clearer rules on acceptable clothing

Some airline passengers have been grounded because an airline disapproved of their wardrobe choices. Now, a group is pushing for uniform rules.

Airlines already have a code of conduct that's in the fine print of every ticket issued. It includes rules about body odor, among other things. The passenger rights group is calling for the airlines to be more clear about what not to wear.

One recent passenger was allowed on a cross-country US Airways flight wearing nothing but lingerie.

“You can't really be seeing that much, that's a little too much,” said airline passenger Tristan Amirault of Manchester, NH.

While that was OK for flying, another US Airways passenger found out saggy pants are not. He was kicked off a flight and arrested.

Deshon Marman, 20, a defensive player for the University of New Mexico, was arrested after police said he ignored an airline employee's request to pull up sweatpants that exposed his underwear below the buttocks.
The passenger advocacy group Flyers’ rights is calling for airlines to clarify their rules.

“The least the airlines can do is tell us what they won't accept in terms of clothing, language, behaviors of gestures,” said Kate Hanni of the group.