Aircraft part found in Bethesda yard

A photo of the part. (Photo Jay Elinsky)

A Bethesda couple is trying to figure out how an aviation part landed in their backyard.

Jay Elinsky found what appeared to be a military-issue fuel cap while he was mowing the grass last month. He says the part smelled like fresh petroleum.

After finding a website that stated the part was a fuel cap that had been known to fall from aircraft, Elinsky and his wife called authorities.

“We got a visit from the FAA,” said Sara Wagschal. “And the minute the FAA guy looked at it, he said ‘this is military’.”

The FAA is working to identify exactly what type of aircraft the part came from. Elinsky and Wagschal say they’re eager to learn more details as well.

"I'm concerned that it might happen again," Wagschal says. "I mean who could have thought that this was going to happen, period."

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