Air Force reservist helps subdue unruly passenger

A man running for Congress helped keep an unruly passenger at bay on a flight bound for D.C. Wednesday.

The Air Force reservist, who was traveling in his military fatigues, was asked to help subdue a first-class passenger on the flight from Chicago’s O’Hare airport to Reagan National Airport.

The passenger in question was arrested and charged with public intoxication and interfering with a flight crew once the flight landed in D.C.

Colonel John Tree said a flight attendant from the first-class cabin asked him to help out.

Another passenger, 56-year-old Charles Beckman, was kicking the aircraft, making threats and shouting profanities, reports Politico. Tree and other passengers in the first-class cabin helped subdue the passenger and returned him to his seat. The candidate sat next to him for the remainder of the Monday evening flight, Politico reported.

“The gentleman was shouting at us full of obscenities and we kept telling him to get back into his seat and we just basically closed in on him and walked towards him and essentially created a huge wall then had him sit back down in his seat,” Tree said.

The passenger clamped down only when the flight attendant threatened to put him in plastic handcuffs. Tree is running for Congress as a Democrat in the 10th district of Illinois, which stretches to the north of Chicago. Tree was returning from working several days at the Pentagon.

“It could have been anybody (asked to help) if they had been in uniform. I'm sure she would've asked them so I'm proud to have done it,” Tree said.