Aftershocks rumble post earthquake, but many too slight to feel

Since Tuesday's 5.8 earthquake in Virginia there have been hundreds of aftershocks, but only a few were actually felt by residents.

The latest significant rumble occurred just after 1 a.m. Thursday morning, a 4.5 event.

From an earthquake-damaged office park in Tysons Corner to a Northeast D.C. neighborhood there is concern about how aftershocks will make a bad situation worse.

“I've never went through nothing like this,” Northeast resident Greg Paige said.
Paige has one of several homes in Northeast where the earthquake's effects are apparent.

Along his street, each chimney has tumbled or twisted and cracks have appeared in some houses.

According to the U.S, geological survey, have been many aftershocks since Tuesday’s quake, two just hours after the earthquake, two more yesterday and four so far Thursday.

Bill Leith the director for Earthquake Hazards at the United States Geological Survey says the larger earthquake sparks a series of aftershocks that are considered "adjustments" after the initial quake. "We'll likely experience these aftershocks for days, weeks, even months, some could be strong enough to cause further damage", Leith said.

“There actually have been probably been hundreds of aftershocks but just too small to be recorded,” he said.