Shih Tzu, Biscuit, found and treated in Franconia after two years on the lam

Biscuit before (top) and after his treatment, along with Officer Lugo, who spearheaded his search. Photo: Fairfax County Police

After two years surviving on his own, an elusive Fairfax County Shih Tzu will soon be looking for a new home.

For months, residents and rescue groups in the Franconia area have been trying to catch Biscuit, a tiny dog who got his name from children who often saw him rummaging for food. No one seemingly knows exactly how Biscuit came to be on his own; some residents say his owner passed away while others believed his owners moved and left the dog behind.

Either way, Fairfax County Police officer Enna Lugo, with the help of locals, had been hot on the trail of Biscuit for the last few months in an attempt to catch and rescue him. But even with trapping and tracking skills, the efforts were to no avail for a lengthy period.

"He would always find an escape route," Officer Lugo said. "When we tried to trap him, he would lie next to the traps but he would never go inside."

Finally, though, Biscuit's run from Lugo and the neighborhood came to an end Saturday morning. He was not in his usual hiding spot near a home off Manchester Boulevard and Beulah Road, but shortly thereafter, Biscuit was found nearby. Animal control officers were able to corner the dog and take him for medical care.

Biscuit was treated by veterinarians for a skin infection and removed more than 40 ticks from his body, but other than that, he was found to be in good health. He also got a long overdue shaving.

Lugo will foster Biscuit for a period of time to help housebreak him, but after that, the elusive pup will be available for adoption.

"I told the residents that even if it took me a year, I would catch Biscuit and get him to a loving home," Lugo said.