After year of criticism, Pepco says it's improved

After mounting pressure and criticism, Pepco has released its first monthly reliability report.

The report shows Pepco inspected and upgraded 26 distribution lines that are to blame for most of the outages for the past two years and invested over $24 million in new equipment. It’s also added more than 60 automated switches that can re-route power during storms.

Pepco has also upgraded nearly 70 miles of underground cable and hired extra service reps.

Most Pepco customers seem to appreciate that Pepco is making an effort to improve reliability this year. But after suffering through so many power outages, a few said they’ll believe it when they see it.

“Because that's things they've been saying in the past, promising better service in the past and I haven't seen it,” said Marcus Armstead.

Meanwhile, new legislation now allows the Maryland Public Service Commission to fine utility companies $25,000 per violation for poor performance.

“Am I satisfied with their plan that they've said over five years will get to average? No,” said Roger Berliner of the Montgomery County council.