Adrian Fenty's daughter left alone in D.C. recreation center, source says

Photo: Associated Press

The daughter of former District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty has been reunited with "appropriate family members" after being found alone in the bathroom of a Washington community center, a source tells ABC7

A source with D.C. Child and Family Services tells ABC7's Sam Ford that 4-year-old Aerin Fenty was found alone in a restroom Tuesday afternoon at the Upshur Recreation Center in Northwest.

Police were called to the Arkansas Avenue Northwest facility after Fenty's sister-in-law tried to claim the child.

A spokeswoman for D.C. Child and Family Services says the procedure in cases such as these is for the agency to look for family members who can claim a child left in an inappropriate situation. The source tells ABC7 that the young girl was reunited with other family members within two hours of Tuesday's incident.

Fenty, who served as the mayor of Washington from 2007 through 2011, and his wife Michelle have been separated since early last year. Besides Aerin, Fenty and his estranged wife have twin sons.