Adekunle Titus Adetokunbo arrested at Dulles after swallowing heroin

These are the heroin pellets taken from the suspect. (Photo courtesy CBP)

A man flying from Ghana to Washington Dulles International Airport was arrested last Thursday after he swallowed almost one pound of heroin, officials say.

On Jan. 5, authorities say that Adekunle Titus Adetokunbo flew into Dulles and told Customs agents during a "rambling statement" that he was in the United States to buy computers, cars and clothing for his company.

Charging documents say that Adetokunbo then lied on immigration forms about where he intended on staying. Shortly thereafter, an agent noticed the suspect flinching when they touched the area around his stomach.

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Adetokunbo was taken to Reston Hospital Center after agents found Vaseline in his luggage, which authorities say suspected drug smugglers use to help expel drugs that a smuggler may ingest.

An abdominal X-ray showed foreign objects in his stomach, which the suspect then began to expel. Field tests showed that the pellets tested positive for heroin. Adetokunbo is facing drug smuggling charges.

The case of Adetokunbo isn't the first incident of attempted drug smuggling through Dulles in the past year. Most recently, in October, officials discovered at least 200 grams of cocaine stuffed into a set of bedposts that were on a plane from El Salvador. Officials also say that the airport has seen a spike in attempted heroin smuggling, seizing nearly $5 million in drugs in 2011 alone.