Adams Morgan might see more police presence

The scene of a crash in Adams Morgan.

Police tell ABC7 News they have seen a surge in young people out in Adams Morgan creating dangerous situations for those enjoying a night out on the town.

For the co-owner of Meze restaurant, crime in Adams Morgan has boiled over.

Sully Gunes says he sees muggings all the time. A group of young men just jumped his DJ, breaking the man’s jaw and landing him in the hospital.

In a video posted on YouTube and linked to by the Washington Post, a guy gets in a shouting match with a cop on what appears to be 18th street in Adams Morgan.

Angel Medina, inspector with the Metropolitan Police Department, says police have noticed a difference from past years.

Police now propose to make the Third District, which includes Adams Morgan, smaller as they realign police districts across in response to crime developments. That would allow more officers to patrol the area.

The business advocacy group for Adams Morgan says it’s not satisfied with the police response. Business owners want to see far more cops on the streets.