Adam Kokesh changes mind about armed march into D.C. on July 4

The controversial libertarian who pushed for an armed march on D.C. on July 4 appears to have changed his mind.

In an interview on the Alex Jones Show posted online on May 30, Adam Kokesh says he’s pushing for an “open source” demonstration on capitals across the nation.

“The strategy has changed,” he says in the interview. “We’re not going to be marching on the capital. It’s going to be simply marching on 50 states” and if people want armed resistance, “it’s all on them.”

Kokesh, a Marine and an Iraq war veteran, previously advocated a march on the capital starting across the Memorial Bridge and into D.C. He advocated the participants carry loaded firearms, which are banned in D.C.

Kokesh objects to a centralized government and often speaks out against the “tyranny” of the federal government.

He has previously led demonstrations across the country, including a silent protest at the Jefferson Monument in 2011 that ended with his arrest.