Adam Gammon fatally struck while pushing disabled car on I-70

Adam Gammon was fatally struck as he pushed his disabled vehicle with his son along I-70.

A Frederick man was struck and killed as he pushed his disabled car along I-70. His 12-year-old daughter was behind the wheel.

According to state police, Adam Gammon with his two young children had just driven up south mountain when his white Chrysler broke down. Coincidentally, he stopped along I-70 eastbound right behind a broken down tractor trailer and a mechanic in a pick-up who'd come to help the trucker.

Gammon then made a fateful decision.

“The father instructed the daughter to steer the vehicle as him and his son pushed the vehicle around from the right shoulder into the traffic portion of lane number three,” says William Talbert of the Maryland State Police.

With the 12-year-old girl behind the wheel and the father and 11-year-old boy at the rear bumper, they were hit almost immediately by a black Ford travelling highway speed.

Gammon was killed instantly. His son, pushing the car at his side, was injured and so was the little girl behind the wheel. The two men tending to the broken down truck and the driver of the Taurus which hit Gammon were also hurt.

“We all make mistakes and have bad decisions but this is one of them that we can’t change,” says the victim’s neighbor Susie Stitely. “I think it’s awful. And I have seen him here before and my heart goes out to the family.”