Adam Bartsch, air marshal, confessed to taking more lewd photos, police say

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A federal air marshal accused of taking photos up female passengers' skirts as they boarded a Southwest Airlines flight in Nashville has confessed to taking other lewd photos in the past, police say.

Airport police in Nashville arrested Adam Bartsch, of Crofton, Thursday after passengers say he was using his cell phone to take the photos.

“It’s disgusting. I am old and I would die if someone did something like that to me,” says Kay Crowley.

Bartsch, 28, was armed and on duty at the time of the alleged incident, something people at Reagan National find troubling.

"The federal air marshal was the one taking the picture of somebody? Wow, that's weird," says Charmie DelaCruz.

Virginia Buckingham ran Boston's Logan International Airport during September 11. A big fan of the air marshals, she finds this crime deeply disturbing.

"After 9/11, no one, I think, takes the threat more seriously than the Federal Air Marshal Program, so I give them incredible kudos, so I find this abhorrent behavior."

No one was home Friday at the Crofton townhouse where Bartsch, his wife and young children live.

Some passengers wonder how someone with this alleged tendency could reach a position with so much power.

“What is the background check, I would ask. I mean, I wonder if he has a history of this and if there isn’t something that would show up,” says Crowley.

The Federal Air Marshal Program issued a statement saying it does not tolerate this kind of alleged behavior and that it is in the process of suspending or firing Bartsch.