ABC7's StormWatch 7 team brings you all weather news

Times have certainly changed since the days when a newspaper or a hand-drawn weather map by a young meteorologist was the only source of forecasts and data.

Now, using the latest and most efficient weather technology, the ABC7 StormWatch team runs its own computer simulation of our local weather. Through the magic of the green screen, we can show you everything from our local live doppler, to a world view of weather from space, to how the weather looks in your neighborhood.

And over the last year, working with some talented developers, ABC7 has built one of the best local digital weather pages in the country.

Now you can read our local personal forecast, updated every few hours, see our local live Doppler and interactive Doppler, a unique interactive seven-day forecast and even moonrise times for any ZIP code in the country.

We also have blogs on everything from climate and storm discussions to moon illusions and weather history. We're live blogging during storms, our latest tweets keep you posted minute by minute and we've even got a neat feature called the Daily Eye Wonder, showing you the most stunning weather photos every day.

And now, ABC7 even has a new StormWatch 7 iPhone and Android app. It has all the current data for your town, making ABC7’s StormWatch7 team mobile and with you on the go.

You can get our updated forecast, watch and listen to ABC7’s quick-cast and check out the radar, future-cast and more neat weather stuff like satellite and radar maps, which are updated every 15 minutes.

This is all designed to keep you informed and make the best weather-related decision - even if only on a sunny day.

Also, you can e-mail Bob Ryan too to tell him what you think - complaints included.

“I've gotten plenty of those in almost 45 years of forecasting and look for more ideas there,” Ryan says.