ABC7's Bob Ryan to retire

Senior meteorologist Bob Ryan announced Wednesday that he’s retiring from ABC7/WJLA after more than 30 years as a broadcast meteorologist for the D.C. area.

Ryan, 70, said there is no exact date on when he’ll retire.

“I still enjoy doing what I do, but between watching the weather and the climate, time becomes an important element of your life,” Ryan says.

He said there were other things he wanted to do, including pursuing how to better communicate the science and the application of weather to help people make the best weather-related decisions.

“I don’t see myself stepping back completely and just watching the sunset,” he says.

During his time as a meteorologist, Ryan provided up-to-the-minute reports on hurricanes, tornadoes and even major snow storms. At ABC7, Ryan also served as the head of the digital weather development team and helped bring the weather team into the digital and social media world.

He says he hopes he’s always been objective and conveyed enthusiasm when informing people about the weather.

“Bob has done a brilliant job for us over the past three years making great contributions to the success of our outstanding 11 p.m. newscast,” said Bill Lord, Vice President and General Manager of WJLA-TV. “He has also led the charge on our national award-winning website which derives about a quarter of its page views from the weather pages Bob helped design and populate.”

Before joining ABC7, Ryan was chief meteorologist for NBC4. He holds a B.S. in physics and an M.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Albany.

“I’ve always loved doing what I do,” he says.