Abandoned Capitol Heights apartment building finally destructed

Workers began taking down the abandoned building on Thursday. Photo: Whitney Wild

To Rhonda Allen and other residents of one Capitol Heights neighborhood, the sound of demolition is music to their ears.

That demolition finally came to an abandoned apartment building - long considered a symbol of urban blight in this Prince George's County city - on Thursday. The destruction of the decaying property is a sight for sore eyes for neighbors.

"It has been a long time waiting," Allen said. "I said I would dance in the streets and I did. We've been fighting and fighting for this day to come."

For the next six weeks, the area that was once occupied by 26 apartment homes will become a construction site with a price tag of $600,000. It's a cost that officials, including county executive Rushern Baker, say is overdue.

"People have waited too long," Baker said. "Things are going to change for the better."

There is no word yet as to what will take the place of the old building, but residents know that whatever it ends up being, it'll be an improvement.

"It just lets you know that we can always move forward," Capitol Heights resident Adrian Flock said.