Aaron Alexis set off warnings at The Experts Inc.

(Photo: justmugshots)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The Capitol riverfront neighborhood around the Navy Yard looks on Friday as though it’s getting back to normal. At National's Stadium, Navy Yard workers are picking up free tickets to Saturday's game.

Along M Street - a crime scene Monday - the food trucks are back. People are gathering again near the fountain in Canal Park. It’s not yet normal of course.

Just up the street from the lunchtime crowd a group of flag waving Harley riders greet navy yard workers both military civilian. They call it an honor mission.

“What goes through somebody's head to come into a military installation and kill innocent people?” asks Andrew Mutchler.

That remains the unanswered question about Monday's rampage in building 197. The FBI says 34 year old it subcontractor Aaron Alexis hunted down and killed 12 innocent victims Monday and wounded three more before he was shot and killed by police.

Much has been reported about his seemingly growing mental illness. Now, we're learning the company for which he worked, The Experts Inc., may have known he was declining before they assigned him to a job installing computers at the Navy Yard.

According to the New York Times, in July after Alexis frightened guests at his hotel while on a job in Rhode Island, a front desk clerk made this entry in the front desk log: "Brenda from The Experts Inc. called …. she explained that he is unstable and the company is bringing him home."

By mid-August, rather than being home in Texas, Alexis was in the Washington-area still with secret security clearance. The company has not responded to the claims.

Navy Yard workers are talking about it. Angelle Dent had two friends murdered Monday.

“It’s very emotional, it’s very frustrating,” Dent says. “I want something to be done about this immediately.”