A Veterans Day surprise

Three children of a deployed Navy Commander got a special surprise this Veterans Day.

Julia Crews was writing down questions for a guest speaker in her sixth grade class when he walked in.

Navy Commander Scott Crews is Julia's father, who deployed four months ago and wasn't due to come home until next June.

“I was surprised because I thought he was in Afghanistan,” Julia Crews said. “And when I saw him I was happy because I knew that he was home safe with me and my family.”

From Montgomery Village Middle School, the family went to Whetstone Elementary, where the Veterans Day surprise continued for Scott Crews’ 8-year-old son Christopher. He was just as surprised to see his father.

Chris says he thought he was dreaming when his dad walk through the door of his class.

“They said he was gone for a year and he came back,” he said.

“Are you going back?” Chris asked his father.

“No,” Scott Crews replied. “I’m here. I'm here for good.”

From there, the Crews family made its third stop to Watkins Mill High School to surprise older sister Sarah.

“I wasn't counting on him coming home soon anytime, so I mean just to see him, it was just totally shocking!” she said.

Martha Crews says she knew her husband was coming home by Veterans Day. She thought it would not only be a great surprise for her children but an important lesson for their classmates.

“A lot of them have just really been there to support my children and to be there for them and they realize the sacrifice of our military and their families,” Martha Crews said.