A special birthday greeting

A 12-year old Virginia boy, with terminal brain cancer, didn't want gifts for his birthday this year. He told his parents he just wanted birthday cards.

Soon the cards started coming in from everywhere and from some very high profile people.

The boy, James Dobson, was five when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He beat it. It came back when James was nine but he beat it again.

Six months ago, a brain tumor showed up twice the size. He can't walk and has trouble speaking. Doctors tell the family he only has months to live.

But don’t tell that to James.

"Never give up," James said.

Never give up. The family counts more than 3,000 birthday cards which began arriving around James' 12th birthday on September 5th. Most are from the college football world - if not the entire football world.

Steve Spurrier sent one. So did Nick Saban.

Thanks to friends, James’ story went viral. Mail arrives by the box load every day. T-shirts, caps, helmets and pictures come from people the Dobsons may never meet.

Wrestling superstar John Cena got word and called James on his birthday. The Massaponax High School marching band showed up on his front lawn and played.

James will not be undergoing treatment - he wants to be with family so every letter brings joy to a 12-year-old boy and his family.