A salon where Oprah will always be queen

Over mimosas and manicures, Claire Hanselmann is remembering what it was like to see the Oprah Show from her seat in the audience. She said it was sort of a surreal experience to see the queen of daytime television just 10 feet away.

Hanselmann and others at Patsy’s Nail Salon make sure their appointments with Patsy are also a date with Oprah.

Watching the reigning titan of talk take her Chicago stage for the last time, the Oprah watching party had an air of sadness.

Patsy has been operating her nail salon in NW Washington for the last year. And from opening day, she said she felt Oprah was almost a part of her team.

"She's definitely a part of Patsy's nail bar,” said Patsy Tavenner. “And like I said, ‘I really don't know how we're going to fill that 4 o’clock hole.’"

In a way only Oprah could, the show gets the women talking and tackling tough issues.