A new Woodson High School

      (Photo: Jorge Gadala-Maria)

      When Woodson High School students in D.C. go back to school next week, it will be like walking into a whole new school. That’s because the northwest Washington school got a multi-million dollar makeover.

      The dedication Wednesday to the new school was just plain fun. The eight-story tower of power school, built in 1972, was demolished and for two years students attended classes miles away.

      The new school has classrooms, a cafeteria, a swimming pool and not one but two gyms. It’s 250,000 square feet inside and three athletic fields outside.

      That’s what $102 million buys.

      Mary Jackson says she hopes alumni stay to help ensure that the school system keeps Woodson pristine.

      “As long as I don't see no scratches on my walls or dirt on my floor,” she said.