Obama shops at Potomac Yards

(Photo: Shawna Thomas)

With just four days left before Christmas, many people are still doing some last-minute shopping, including the President of the United States.

President Barack Obama was seen Wednesday at a Best Buy and PetSmart at the Potomac Yards shopping center in Alexandria, where he bought a chew toy for the family’s dog Bo and some presents for his two daughters.

The rubber chew toy for Bo cost $24.99, according to news reports. Bo played in the store with a poodle named Cinnamon.

In Best Buy, General Manager Robert DeLissio acted as Obama's personal store attendant.

"To be the leader of the Free World, it's pretty remarkable how cool he was," DeLissio said. "He bought the Wii "Just Dance 3" game and the Sims Pets for the Mac."

After the shopping trip, Obama ate lunch at a nearby pizza restaurant.

The President spent just under an hour in the complex doing some heavy Christmas shopping and greeting customers.

President Obama was the last person shopper Malcolm Gardner expected to see in Best Buy.

"I took out my camera phone, waved, and he waved back to me and said, 'I'm just buying some stuff for my daughter,'" Gardner said. "It was crazy. I never expected to see the president at Best Buy."

The president's wife and daughters are in Hawaii for their annual Christmas vacation, leaving Obama home alone with Bo.

But with Congress unable to reach agreement over extending payroll tax cuts due to expire at the end of the year, Obama's holiday travel plans are up in the air.

A few months ago, First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Target in the shopping center.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.