Puppy freed from well

(Photo: Brian Hopkins)

A little Chow Chow named Sunny had a very close call Friday.

The Humane Society received a call about a wild dog that was menacing neighbors in Washington County, Md., on Friday. When they got to the location, workers didn't find the supposed wild dog, but they did find a puppy trapped in a well.

"He was very scared,” said officer Evelyn Garrett of the Washington County Humane Society. “He wasn't happy to see anyone. He was hiding behind a pipe that was coming out of the ground."

Sunny was rescued and made a full recovery - but that wasn't the end of his lucky streak.

Karmen Spear went to the Humane Society Friday, hoping to adopt the dog. She gladly took Sunny home.

"We do want to rescue an animal and just thinking about an animal that's been left alone is heartbreaking,” Spear said. “So we want to take him home and not let him be alone ever again.”